Baywings are trained and qualified to provide the following services:

Bird of Prey Demonstrations

260608_001_260608_0049Outside Flying Demonstrations

Our falconry flying displays are guaranteed crowd-pullers and pleasers.
We can create a display for you that is safe, satisfying and with a big wow factor to draw large crowds to your event.
Our experienced and highly trained handlers ensure that your visitors will be thrilled at our displays, which will reflect well on your organisation.

Outside Static Demonstrations

If your venue is unsuitable for flying displays, we can provide you with an outdoor static display, where our birds will not be flown, but will be on display for your visitors to see.
A bird-of-prey expert will be available to answer any questions your visitors and guests may have. It may also be possible for your visitors to handle the birds, depending on the venue and the circumstances.


Hands-on Training Sessions using Gary's specially raised and trained birds

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Full Day Falconry Course

This course is for the individual who would like to purchase their own bird of prey. Participating in this training
will help the student in several ways:

  • it will provide hints and tips on choosing a bird that suits your needs
  • it will give pointers to selecting a healthy and temperamentally suitable bird
  • it will also show you what to look for in bird equipment and even how to make the more basic pieces of equipment
  • the key elements of bird handling and training will be demonstrated, leading up to you free flying a bird at the end of the course.

harris-hawk-day-3_240608_0266Weekend Falconry Course

The weekend course covers all of the elements of the full-day course but in more detail. On the weekend course you will also learn:

  • the correct feeding for the bird, based on weight and activity
  • the most appropriate type of housing for the different bird types
  • how the birds differ in nature and temperament; you will spend some considerable time with the birds, learning how the react and how best to handle the different birds

Flying Days and Half Flying Days

These days are designed for the person who just wants to fly our without spending time in a class room situation. After an introductory lesson on how to hold the bird and a 'getting to know you' session (for both you and the bird!) you will have the chance to fly the bird in our beautiful countryside.

A half flying day is recommended for those who wants to get the chance to fly one of our birds of prey fairly quickly, while the full flying-day allows the individual to enjoy the flying and the countryside at a more relaxed and enjoyable pace .

These days are perfect for the enthusiast who enjoys flying birds but does not have the time or commitment to care for their own.

kestrel-02Bird-of-Prey Owners Workshop

These workshops are created for bird-of-prey owners who would like more in-depth knowledge about their hobby and covers the techniques of falconry, equipment making and advanced falconry handling techniques. The workshop runs from 10am until 4.30 pm and includes all the materials you need to make the equipment that we show you how to make - and the equipment is yours to take home at the end of the day.

Corporate Days - giving the experience of a lifetime to company representatives and their guests

Baywings can create a corporate day specifically to your own requirements, at your own venue or one of your own choosing. These popular events give your employees and guests the opportunity to handle birds of prey and watch them fly in a varied and exciting demonstration. The birds brought along may vary but will include Owls, Hawks and Falcons, and if required we can organise informative talks inside to really bring Falconry to life. As these events are designed specifically to your requirements, please call for an informal chat so that we can find out your specific needs and suggest an event that would suit your requirements.

Pest Control in Restricted Areas

Many Shopping Centres are severely restricted in what they do to eradicate pest problems; Baywings can provide a discrete and safe out-of-hours service to eradicate pests and vermin without resorting to hazardous chemicals or other physical deterrents such as shooting and gassing.

Pigeons in barns can be particularly difficult to control and remove, but by deploying Baywings and their natural pest control systems, the situation can be quickly brought under control.

Airport Pest Control is particularly problematical with the airports needing to keep pigeons and other potentially aircraft-hazardous birds away from flight areas, with special emphasis on runways, where a flock of birds can have catastrophic consequences during take-off and landing. Baywings can help identify the bird problems and provide a suitable 'natural' answer to the problem by sweeping the area with a bird of prey that is appropriate to the situation and advice on measures to combat further bird swarming at the airport.

Education-based workshops

Falconry is a fascinating subject for all ages, but particularly for children. We can visit your school to give an informative presentation to the pupils on the birds and also arrange for the children to touch the birds in a supervised situation. Please contact us for more details of our educational visits and programmes.

Consultancy work with TV and the media as an expert bird-handler

This area has grown in the past few years as more and more outside media broadcasters demand higher levels of content, particularly where specialist animals are involved. Baywings can provide a wide selection of birds and an experienced handler to the media for photoshoots and film work.

Bird Care Workshops

These specialist animals are not high maintenance, but they do require special levels of care and these workshops introduce new elements of caring for your bird to ensure that it has a happy, healthy and long life-span. The workshops will also prove useful to train the owner to spot the onset of illness or medical problems with their birds.

Hunting Days with Birds of Prey

The hunting day is a great and exciting day out, enjoying these magnificent birds of prey at their very best, doing what they were designed for - hunting. On the day, you will go out with your bird of prey (usually a Harris hawk) and enjoy a day hunting with your bird. The best time to book is the designated hunting season as this will give you a greater variety of prey to hunt for, although we cannot guarantee that you will catch anything.

Hotel Experience Packages

As Hotels seek more and more unique offerings for their clientele to encourage them to stay at their chain, Baywings can offer a unique experience for Hotel guests right in the grounds of the hotel by bringing their collection of birds to the hotel for guests to try their hand at Falconry.

To see how Baywings can bring the Falconry experience to your guests, please call us on 07843948622 for more details and an informal discussion about our 'Hotel Experience' packages.